kompose is a tool to help users familiar with docker-compose move to Kubernetes. It takes a Docker Compose file and translates it into Kubernetes resources.

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Kubernetes + Compose = Kompose

A conversion tool to go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes

What’s Kompose?

Kompose is a conversion tool for Docker Compose to container orchestrators such as Kubernetes (or OpenShift).

Why do developers love it?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Use an example docker-compose.yaml file or your own
  2. Run kompose up
  3. Check your Kubernetes cluster for your newly deployed containers!
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/kompose/master/examples/docker-compose-v3.yaml -O docker-compose.yaml

$ kompose up
We are going to create Kubernetes Deployments, Services and PersistentVolumeClaims for your Dockerized application. 
If you need different kind of resources, use the 'kompose convert' and 'kubectl create -f' commands instead. 

INFO Successfully created Service: redis          
INFO Successfully created Service: web            
INFO Successfully created Deployment: redis       
INFO Successfully created Deployment: web         

Your application has been deployed to Kubernetes. You can run 'kubectl get deployment,svc,pods,pvc' for details.

$ kubectl get po
NAME                            READY     STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
frontend-591253677-5t038        1/1       Running             0          10s
redis-master-2410703502-9hshf   1/1       Running             0          10s
redis-slave-4049176185-hr1lr    1/1       Running             0          10s

A more detailed guide is available in our getting started guide.

Install Kompose on Linux, macOS or Windows

Grab the Kompose binary!

# Linux
curl -L https://github.com/kubernetes/kompose/releases/download/v1.19.0/kompose-linux-amd64 -o kompose

# macOS
curl -L https://github.com/kubernetes/kompose/releases/download/v1.19.0/kompose-darwin-amd64 -o kompose

chmod +x kompose
sudo mv ./kompose /usr/local/bin/kompose

Windows: Download from GitHub and add the binary to your PATH.